I See You

You have to check this out. Okay. I know. I know. It's been blogged by others many times now. In fact, you can check out these other blog posts too: Why_the_lucky_stiff has it on Redhanded, and J'ey put out the word as well. But it's just so damn cool, I just had to blog it too!

Go ahead. Try it at home:

require 'drb'

def brite_shot(text)
url = "druby://eviladmins.org:9000"
obj = DRbObject.new_with_uri(url)
File.open("out.jpg",'wb') do |a|
a << obj.write_simple(text)

brite_shot("I SEE YOU!")

(And if a still picture isn't enough for you. How about an animation.)

And so, a REAL picture is made for me by remote many thousands of miles away. How far I wonder? Well, with a GeoIP lookup and Google Maps, I found out where this picture was made. The world really is getting smaller!

I See You!